We are the market leader in dosage systems for preservative-free applicationWe are the market leader in dosage systems for preservative-free application

URSATEC – The market leader in dosage systems for preservative-free applications

Having almost sold two billion units within the last 25 years, we became the market leader in dosage systems for the application of preservative-free pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations.

Our philosophy:

We support the global healthcare industry in the development, registration and production of preservative-free healthcare products. The prerequisite of our success story are the dosage systems and their unique technology, with which we have been operating on the market since 1993.

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Facts and Figures

  • Successful on the market since 1993
  • No. 1 worldwide in dosing systems for multiple applications of preservative-free products
  • Almost 2 billion units sold since foundation
  • Products sold in > 50 countries
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Compliance with all current regulatory standards (FDA, EMA, CHINA FDA, ANVISA, CDCSO, Rossdrawnadsor)
  • Competences in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics
  • Annual production capacity: > 150 million units (dosing systems)

Revenue by market segment:

Revenue by territories:

"Thanks to our unique technology, our products guarantee a safe and tolerable use. You can avoid any harmful preservatives with the certainty of safety against contamination."

Dr. Andreas Bilstein, Managing Director
Marketing and Sales, Finished Product Development

URSATEC – The inventor of dosage systems for preservative-free applications

We invented dosage systems for the application of preservative-free medical and cosmetic formulations. Our steadily growing company has sold almost 2 billion units worldwide since it was founded in 1993. We are proud to have founded a rethinking in the market for nasal sprays and set preservative-free formulations as the new standard in Europe.

“WHEN PRESERVATIVE FREE MATTERS®”. This is more than just a slogan for us. It defines the focus of our actions and the commitment we bring to our product and service portfolio.

Quality awareness, creativity and an international network are the foundations of this development. Our young, dynamic and experienced team responds quickly and solution-oriented to the needs and wishes of our customers.

An innovative product stands at the beginning of our company history.
In 1993, we developed our first dosage system for preservative-free formulations and without propellant gas. Creativity coupled with the highest quality has been the guiding principle of our entrepreneurial activities to this day. This is what customers in our home country and abroad appreciate and they have made us what we are today: a successful, market-leading and dynamic company with the goal of supporting the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries in the development of preservative-free products.

Milestones of the URSATEC system development

1994 | COMOD®-System

The development of the innovative COMOD®-system, provided the prerequisite to keep liquid dosage forms germ-free and thus safe and tolerable in the long-term use without the addition of preservatives. The COMOD® system is used exclusively by our partner URSAPHARM.

1995 | Finished Products

We offer development of finished products for pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic applications including sterile contract filling and delivery.


1998 | 3K®-System

The development of our 3K®-system has proven successful in the application of preservative-free pharmaceuticals and medical devices for nasal use.


2008 | COMFORT®-System

Our COMFORT®-system is an advancement of the COMOD®-system and enables a broad application, especially in dermatology. The "bag-in-bottle" technology combined with the hermetic shielding from the surrounding air provides additional protection, especially for sensitive ingredients and solutions.


2019 | SoftBreezer®

With the development of our SoftBreezer®, we have created a novel system for the inhalation of preservative-free aqueous solutions. The convenient inhaler fits in virtually any handbag or pocket and is characterized by particularly fine nebulization and very short application times.

The team behind our philosophy "WHEN PRESERVATIVE FREE MATTERS®"

Since our foundation, the Saarland, in the west of Germany, in the centre of Europe, has been our home. From here, our team keeps in touch with our customers and cooperation partners all over the world.

Our employees have in-depth experience in various fields of the healthcare industry and advise our customers on product development, regulatory matters, order processing, manufacturing and control processes, as well as the delivery of the product ready for sale. Of course, we also respond to your individual requests. You have a new product idea and need a competent partner for its realization? Contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

"Our customers benefit from our comprehensive services in areas of development, registration and order processing. We support them in adapting quickly and effectively to changing market situations."

Horst Zimmer, Managing Director
Quality Management and Administration, Packaging Development

"Innovative products, creativity and commitment are our essentials. Thanks to good accessibility and quick help with questions and problems, our customers can market their products worldwide and sell their brands with proven high quality."

Dr. Andreas Bilstein, Managing Director
Marketing and Sales, Finished Product Development

Our shareholders

Aero Pump

Aero Pump is specialized in the manufacturing of application systems for the pharmaceutical industry and is one of the leading producers of pharmaceutical application systems worldwide. The company has been growing steadily since its founding in 1976 and currently sells over 200 million pumps annually. Aero Pump produces the full range of our 3K® and COMFORT® pumps and droppers for the application of preservative-free products.


Gaplast offers innovative and creative plastic packaging and applications for pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and medical technology applications. They are our long-standing supplier of plastic bottles for our 3K® and COMFORT®-systems. ISO 15378, ISO 9001 certifications and production conditions guarantee compliance with national and international requirements at all Gaplast sites.


URSAPHARM is the reliable partner for highly efficient sterile filling of finished products using our 3K® and COMFORT®-systems. Specialists work according to strictly validated manufacturing and testing procedures on the state-of-the-art production facilities, which meet national as well as international requirements of authorities and notified bodies.

Our secret of success

"The customer in focus, the market always in view."

A successful business story is made of people. This is our conviction and we know what is necessary for long-lasting and successful business relationships:

  • Reliability
  • Commitment
  • Results

We are experts in the healthcare industry, know the market and its requirements, follow trends and act dynamically accordingly. Innovative product developments are the basis of our success. We know how to develop trend-setting products and position them in line with the market. Our customers benefit from this know-how.

Natural and high-quality products with proven effectiveness are the key to success - we have learned this in the past and we are convinced of it. The development of the market proves us true in this point.

Dealing with complex regulatory challenges is part of our daily business. We enable our customers to enter the market quickly with their new products.

We have a large network in the international healthcare industry, which we carefully maintain and constantly expand. Trustful and long-standing partnerships with experienced development partners and scientists, exclusive suppliers and certified contract manufacturers enable us to offer our customers high quality, effective, safe and well tolerated products.