URSATEC dosing systems and preservative-free finished products for dermal application

Preservative-free for healthy beauty in the cosmetic industry

The cosmetic indrustry is inevitably pointing towards a trend characterized by nativeness, purity and guided by a number of seals of approval. In the past, a number of preservatives have already been removed gradually from the list of permitted ingredients and this trend will certainly continue in the future.

Dosing systems for dermal applications from the market leader in the field of preservative-free applications: Call now

"Packaging should be designed to prevent the entry of contaminating microorganisms ..."

Cosmetics Europe: Guidelines on Microbial Quality Management, 1997

URSATEC offers an alternative primary packaging that protects its content without using any kind of preservatives - this trend is not only appreciated by people with sensitive skin.

Our COMFORT® system is an airless dosing system for dispensing liquid or semi-solid pharmaceutical as well as cosmetic formulations and therefore highly suitable for the use in sensitive areas. We guarantee 100% preservative-free.

Microbiological safety is ensured by the special design of the unique COMFORT® pump and the special Bag-in-Bottle-Containers. The continous product release induces a negative pressure in the system, which causes subsequently folding of the inner bag.

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Picture shows dermal spray
COMFORT® system, airless
Pumping systems for the preservative-free production of dermal formulations
consistently accurate dosing
fast priming and repriming
Dose sizes (available)
3K®: 45 mg, 85 mg, 140 mg
COMFORT®: 45 mg, 85 mg, 140 mg
individual doses available upon request
anatomic design, easy to use
for liquid and viscose contents as well as suspensions
for horizontal and 360° application
non-airless 3K® horizontal system
airless COMFORT® system for 360° application

More videos on our dosing systems and their function can be found on our YouTube-Channel.

Your contact for preservative-free dosing systems and finished products

URSATEC – the full-service specialist for preservative-free dosing systems

Our project management team, which has extensive experience in various fields of the pharmaceutical industry, is happy to advise you on product development and order processing and will give you an overview of the manufacturing – as well as the control processes. Subsequently, we will guide you until the delivery of the finished product ready for sale. We are also happy to respond to your individual wishes and are open for a customer-specific packaging material development.

URSATEC ONE Source for healthy beauty

We are available for your inquiries and product ideas for the development of finished products and can cover a wide range of application possibilities. We have a network of qualified partners who are regularly audited by us. We ensure that every part of the process chain is thoroughly examined. Keeping tight control, we can guarantee the highest quality standards.

  • We supply COMFORT® preservative-free dosing systems filled under aseptic conditions
  • We develop and manufacture customer-specific systems and preservative-free formulations
  • We take over the project coordination up to registration and market launch

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