We are the market leader in dosage systems for preservative-free applicationWe are the market leader in dosage systems for preservative-free application
Dosage Systems

3K® and COMFORT® stand for safety and quality – without preservatives

Our patented 3K® and COMFORT®-systems offer maximum protection against microbiological contamination, even after opening the product for the first time. They provide a dispensing without any preservatives and thus guarantee a safe and very well tolerated use of the product.

In conventional dosage systems for multiple applications, the outlet openings of the pumps are unprotected. Contaminants and germs can easily enter the container and the solution inside. Therefore, the contents of such containers must be adequately protected against microbiological contamination by adding suitable preservatives. Our 3K® and COMFORT®-systems permit usage without preservatives, as the special design ensures microbiological purity of the product, even after opening.

Both systems are characterized by the unique URSATEC protection principle: Microbiologically tight-closing valves in combination with oligodynamically acting components. Bacteriostatic surfaces reduce the germ load at the opening of the nozzle and the entry of germs into the product channel. Independently of this, the microbiologically tight-closing valve secures the system against contamination. Depending on the dosing system, an air-purifying filter or an "airless" inner bag is used additionally.

COMFORT®-system airless

The COMFORT®-system is an airless dosage system for dispensing very sensitive liquid or semi-solid pharmaceutical as well as cosmetic formulations.


3K®-system non-airless

The 3K®-system is a non-airless dosage system for dispensing liquid pharmaceutical or cosmetic formulations.