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Preservative-free spray pump systems for dermal application

URSATEC´s preservative-free dermal spray pump systems offer reliable and precise dosing for a broad variety of applications.

spray pump systems for the production of preservative-free, dermally applicable formulations
consistently accurate dosing
fast priming and repriming
Dose sizes (available)
3K®: 45 mg, 85 mg, 140 mg
COMFORT®: 45 mg, 85 mg, 140 mg
individual doses available upon request
anatomic design, easy to use
for liquid and viscose contents as well as suspensions
for horizontal and 360° application
non-airless 3K® horizontal system
airless COMFORT® system for 360° application

This system is also perfectly suited for cosmetic applications. More detailed information can be found on our website cosmetic.ursatec.com.