Preservative-free nasal sprays are safe to use, highly tolerable and therefore best suitable for use in babiesPreservative-free is more than just a slogan for us, it is the focus of our actions and the commitment we bring to our product and service portfolio
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This is more than just a slogan for us, it is the focus of our actions and the commitment we bring to our product and service portfolio.

Preservatives have negative effects on the microbiome, can damage human epithelial cells and are known to cause various allergic reactions. Our mission is to support the global healthcare industry to avoid preservatives by developing and distributing dosage systems for preservative-free applications as well as finished products. Our main cooperation partners are pharmaceutical, medical device and cosmetics companies, who can offer their customers safe and effective solutions with our products and trust in our quality – made in Germany.

"Our mission is: no preservatives for more tolerability.”

Horst Zimmer, Managing Director
Quality Management and Administration, Packaging Development

Sustainability – The core of our actions

Our philosophy "WHEN PRESERVATIVE FREE MATTERS®" creates a contribution to sustainability throughout the value chain, from raw materials to finished products.

We are driven by continuous improvement. What determines our actions is the optimization of our processes, the further development of our products and the care of a trustful partnership - with our customers and with our suppliers.

  • Sustainable competence:
    Our customers can be sure that we find together exactly what suits their individual applications. We supply primary packaging materials and dosage systems for pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic products quickly and reliably. Our ambition is to use technology, experience and comprehensive expertise in the development of dosage systems and finished products to ensure that products can be developed, registered and used on the market as quickly as possible.
  • Sustainable knowledge acquiring:
    It’s a central matter of our concern to be innovative and provide state-of-the-art support to our customers. That’s why our employees are trained regularly and are experts in their individual fields. In addition, we maintain a network through which we are in constant exchange with partners worldwide on new trends, manufacturing technologies and product innovations. Strategic cooperations with our partners, service providers and universities ensure that we are aware of the latest research and drive innovations forward.
  • Sustainable relationship building:
    We live a service and system approach and value our customers as impulse providers and sparring partners. We plan for the long run and focus on sustainable success and growth - we have been pursuing this very successfully since 1993.

Why "WHEN PRESERVATIVE FREE MATTERS®" is much more than just preservative-free

We identify ourselves with the term "preservative-free", i.e., the philosophy of designing dosage systems and packaging materials that allow the design of 100 % preservative-free products by using innovative technologies. Of course, we completely avoid the use of any preserving agents in our finished product formulations.

Our technologically sophisticated systems are made to protect unpreserved formulations for a long period of time. What began as a niche product has risen to a 25 years lasting success story.

Why is "preservative-free" important to us?

There is scientific evidence showing that preservatives have a harmful effect on human physiology. To give an example in the area of nasal spray products: There are preservatives that can have a repressive influence on the sensitive ciliated epithelium of the nasal mucosa (warning BFARM 2003). However, an intact ciliated epithelium is absolutely necessary, for example, to transport pollen away or to be able to act against infectious particles (viruses, bacteria).

This philosophy can also be reconciled with current trends in both the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Even though being highly regulated and rather conservative in implementing new ideas, the pharmaceutical industry has been calling for preservative-free formulations for years:

„Preservatives shall be avoided wherever possible“

(Recommendation by German Health Authorities, 2004)

„The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has urged the pharma industry to develop preservative free nasal sprays“

(, 2006)

„Formulierungen ohne Konservierung weniger zytotoxisch“

(Verse, Klöcker; Laryngo-Rhino-Otol 2003)

With "preservative-free" we create added value for our customers

We have dedicated ourselves to the establishment of the technical requirements and the required level of specialization that are needed to realize preservative-free products.

"Preservative-free" is not a niche product in our overall portfolio, but our core business. This results in a high level of technical expertise and many years of experience in the field, from which our customers can benefit.

"The possibility of formulating without any preserving ingredients, even those that do not have to be declared, will also revolutionize the cosmetics industry."

Dr. Andreas Bilstein, Managing Director
Marketing and Sales, Finished Product Development

We Open Up Markets And Create New Opportunities

When opening up new markets and realizing individual ideas, a well-coordinated team assesses feasibility based on 25 years of technical experience with dosage systems for preservative-free applications and their use.

We can do more than just packaging materials. All steps required for medical device, pharmaceutical or cosmetic development and registration can be covered by us and our partners.

We work according to the "ONE Source" principle, i.e., we accompany our customers along the entire value chain. From the product idea, to preservative-free development and registration, up to the customer-specific market-ready end product.