Preservative-free is an important topic in all industries, especially for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, ffod supplements and cosmeticsPreservative-free is also important in animal health - gentle care and treatment for man's best friend

Preservative-free – an important topic for all industries

“Preservative-free” is an important topic in all industries: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food supplements, cosmetics, animal health. Preferably “preservative-free”.

Health, health maintenance and well-being are trending topics around the world. Achieving a better state of health has never been of greater interest. The markets for health and well-being are growing steadily and since the beginning of the corona pandemic, self-organized improvement of one's own health has become even more important. Health and well-being are essential for our quality of life. The awareness of natural and very well-tolerated treatment options continues to grow among consumers. The trend is toward natural products with proven efficacy that are easy and safe to use – across all sectors.

Pharmaceuticals and medical devices without preservatives allow you to concentrate on the essentials: The effect.

Who doesn't know it? At the first sign of a cold, we run to the pharmacy or drugstore and stock up on medical products or over-the-counter medicines, such as nasal or throat sprays. Preservatives are unthinkable in these types of products in most markets today. The presence of products that do not use preservatives continues to grow in the OTC market, and for good reason: preservatives have negative effects on the microbiome, can damage human epithelial cells, and are known to cause various allergic reactions.

Food supplements without preservatives are like balm for the gastrointestinal tract.

Preservative-free products are not only in vogue for medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Demand is also steadily increasing in the food sector and for dietary supplements. The intestine lies at the centre of our body and is the centre of our health. The main function of the gastrointestinal tract is to digest our meals and ensure that macro- and micronutrients can be absorbed by the body. Such an important and versatile organ deserves to be taken care of. Especially when taking supplements, it is important not to stress the gastrointestinal tract.

Cosmetics and medical skin care: products for healthy and beautiful skin are free from preservatives.

In the advertising of creams, ointments and lotions, claims such as "without parabens" or "without preservatives" are commonplace, and we immediately associate this with good tolerability of the product. We have learned that the use of preservatives can trigger skin irritations and is therefore viewed critically. However, we must keep in mind that a warm and humid bathroom, the constant opening and closing of a tube or jar that our fingers dip into, and the use of the product for weeks are a haven for bacteria, yeasts, or moulds. The use of preservatives, such as parabens, is intended to protect the product from microbial contamination and thus make an important contribution to the health of the user. The problem is that preservatives can cause allergic reactions and also upset the "good microorganisms" of the skin's microbiome. On some products we even read "without preservatives", but is this really true? If a product is advertised with the statement "without preservatives", it usually does contain preservative substances, but in Europe, for example, according to Annex 5 of the European Cosmetics Regulation, they do not have to be declared as such. In addition to the preservative purpose, they have another benefit, such as improving skin moisture. So, if, in accordance with the Cosmetics Regulation, the claim is made that the product is "preservative-free", this is legally correct, but it does not mean that no substances with preservative properties are used. The ideal situation would be for dermatological products to do without preservatives completely.

Products for animal health: Gentle care and treatment for man's best friend – without preservatives.

Animals are important for human’s health and well-being. Anyone who has a pet knows that dogs, cats, horses, budgies, etc. pamper the soul. They also have a positive effect on various aspects of our lives. They provide for health, fitness and contacts. Accordingly, the health and well-being of our best friend is important to us, we lovingly take care of a healthy diet, sufficient exercise and adequate care. However, should our faithful friend fall ill, we spare no means to provide fast, effective but please gentle relief. What is true for humans is no different for a pet, because the animal microbiome also gets out of balance due to irritating substances. Food, treats, care products such as creams and ointments should burden the animal as little as possible – this is best achieved with products without preservatives.