We produce according to best standards - clean room class A for sterile and aseptic filling of your pharmaceutical sterile finished products
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Best standards – Clean room class A

You need a competent and experienced contract filler for your sterile product? Trust in our know-how. Moreover, we can supply you with sterile pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic finished products. From individual small batches to industrial campaign manufacturing of several million units per year. We have the right solution for your project.

To meet the high-quality requirements of sophisticated preservative-free products, we engage qualified partner companies for the manufacturing. Our partners' filling lines are set up in a Class A cleanroom environment designed by a team of scientists and engineers in consultation with industry and regulatory experts. Special design concepts and control systems for aseptic filling ensure complete protection of the preservative-free product against microbiological contamination.

We are your strong partner for efficient contract manufacturing
We offer efficient contract manufacturing of preservative-free pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics. Using state-of-the-art, officially authorized manufacturing facilities that meet all national and international requirements, our partners work according to strictly validated manufacturing and testing specifications.

We comply with the globally valid requirements (GMP, ISO, etc.).
Aseptic conditions must be tightly controlled during manufacture of preservative-free products. Due to thermal instability of many active ingredients and packaging materials, they often cannot be sterilized in the sealed final container. Thanks to the latest fully automated filling lines and state-of-the-art clean room technology, we as a competent partner ensure the quality required for these special preparations.