COMFORT® stands for safetly and quality - dosage system for preservative-free application of pharmaceutical or cosmetic products, such as nasal sprays, mouth and throat sprays, ear sprays and skin sprays
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COMFORT®-system – airless

The COMFORT®-system: the airless dosage system for dispensing very sensitive liquid or semi-solid pharmaceutical as well as cosmetic formulations.

Like the 3K®-system, the COMFORT®-system permits avoiding any kind of preservatives, even after the product has been opened, as the special design of the system prevents contamination. Compared to the 3K®-system, the COMFORT®-system offers three additional advantages:

  1. 360° application: use of the product possible from any angle, even overhead
  2. Protection against oxidation by "airless" inner bag: use of very sensitive ingredients or solutions possible
  3. Suitable for viscous solutions and semi-solid forms (lotions & suspensions)

How exactly does the COMFORT® system work?

"Airless" literally means "without air" and indicates that the COMFORT®-system does not require pressure compensation during actuation. The vacuum that emerges, when the pump is actuated successively, folds the flexible inner bag, which also allows semi-solid, less fluid formulations to be dispensed. In order to ensure the protection against the entry of microbiological contaminants, the COMFORT®-system uses in addition to the tight-closing valve the oligodynamic effect of the surfaces at the outlet opening. This leads to a provable perfect protection of the preservative-free contents.

Depending on the area of application, the COMFORT®-system is available with a nasal, oral and pharyngeal, ear or dermal pump and, depending on the design, the product can be applied as a drop, spray jet or spray with different dosage quantities. The system can be combined with special in-liner plastic bottles in various sizes.

The COMFORT® pumps and the special in-liner bottles are filled after careful and validated sterilization under aseptic conditions and final assembly is tightly sealed.

Technical facts and figures

Application and special features

360° application (use possible from any angle)
Suitable for very sensitive ingredients and solutions
Suitable for viscous solutions and semi-solid forms
Consistently accurate dosing
Fast priming and re-priming
Easy to use and anatomical design


Nasal spray: 140 mg
Mouth and throat spray: 150 mg
Ear spray: 150 mg
Dermal spray: 45 mg, 85 mg, 140 mg
PE bottles: 5 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml

Application examples and videos

Application areas