URSATEC spray pump systems for nasal application

Nasal sprays and nasal droppers – guaranteed preservative-free

URSATEC's preservative-free systems for nasal application are characterized by high dosing accuracy and special user-friendliness.

URSATEC pump systems for nasal application From the market leader in preservative-free

„The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has urged the pharma industry to develop preservative free nasal sprays“

(In-Pharmatechnologist.com, 2006)

We offer nasal sprays and nasal droppers in preservative-free 3K® and COMFORT® technology as well as suitable bottles in different materials and different filling volumes. Our snap-on closure systems are optimized for fully automatic liquid filling machines.

The URSATEC dosing systems for nasal applications are ready to use for different formulations and viscosities.

In addition, we support you with the approval of your medical devices, pharmaceuticals and/or cosmetic products and together we master all regulatory challenges.

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Figure shows
nasal spray, nose dropper
airless and non-airless
dropper, spray
snap-on closure
permanently accurate dosage
fast priming and re-priming
Dosages (available)
3K® dropper: 30 mg, 45 mg, 85 mg
3K® spray: 45 mg, 70 mg, 90 mg, 100 mg, 140 mg
COMFORT® spray: 45 mg, 70 mg, 100 mg, 140 mg
customized solutions possible
glass: 10 ml, 15 ml, 20 ml
plastic: 5 ml, 10 ml, 20 ml, 30 ml
anatomically shaped, easy to use
suitable for OTC and prescription drugs, medical devices and cosmetic products
3K® system nasal spray, nasal dropper, non-airless
COMFORT® system nasal spray, airless

More clips about our dosing systems and their function can be found on our YouTube-Channel.

Your partner for preservative-free nasal application systems

URSATEC – the full service specialist for preservative-free dosing systems

Our project management team, which has extensive experience in various areas of the pharmaceutical industry, advise you on product development and order processing, the manufacturing and control processes and the delivery of the product ready for sale. We are also happy to respond to your individual wishes, right up to customer-specific packaging material development.

The 3K® system briefly summarized

For more than 20 years, the 3K® system has been the state-of-the-art multi-dosing system for preservative-free formulations. The 3K® system is distinguished by its complex pump design, which creates a protective barrier on several levels against the penetration of microorganisms and contamination of the content. Both a tight-closing outlet valve and the oligodynamic effect of the silver in the outlet guarantee a perfectly protected content. In addition, the special 3K filter prevents the penetration of germs by backflowing ambient air after application. Thus the preservative-free 3K® multidose system guarantees perfect protection of the content against microbiological contamination.

Find out more about the 3K® system non-airless and the COMFORT® system airless for nasal application.