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Crossing the finish line: Together on the road for the environment and health

Completing our four-month digital challenge to support a sustainable cause

All steps have been taken; all bicycles have stopped – the Challenge is done!

On the 30th of September we have officially closed the portal of our digital mission to support a sustainable cause.

The results are staggering: We managed to run, ride, swim and hike a total cumulated distance of 93,347.6 km! That is more than twice the earth’s circumference.

Translated to our digital route this means we have finished with 76.5 laps connecting all 4 companies across Germany. Another impressive feed: a total of 36 people managed to do the whole lap of over 1.200 km all on their own! This is what engagement looks like!

No matter which employee, which company or which discipline – we all helped and enhanced each other’s efforts, so create the most beneficial outcome for our chosen recipient the Institute for Ocean Plastic Recycling. The combined achievement of us all made it possible to support a great cause and to make this planet one bit better at the time. Check out the IFOPR page to learn more about their engagement in sustainability and cleaning of the world’s oceans.

Same as in everyday business, all four companies could rely on each other, being strong partners for this challenge, to make this impressive achievement possible. So, also a big shout-out and a big "Thank you" to all participating companies who gladly took on this challenge with as a unit:





Make sure to also check their profiles and give them a follow, to stay informed on any updates on their products and services as well!

Since many have already asked and also some participants are already looking for further challenges: maybe the next year is already in planning ...? ;)

We don't want to tell you yet, but as promised, we will keep all participants and followers up to date soon!

Have a great day ahead everybody!