We are the market leader in dosage systems for preservative-free applicationWe are the market leader in dosage systems for preservative-free application
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Preservatives: The Invisible Danger for the Skin Microbiome

Our latest issue on healthy cosmetics and how to avoid harmful impacts on your skin microbiome

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The skin, the largest body organ, has an enormous surface that provides a habitat for diverse microorganisms of different kingdoms of life: bacteria, archaea, and fungi but also viruses are present. The common theme in biology, striving for a balanced equilibrium, is key to health. By implication, impairments of this equilibrium result in pathologies. The driver and main characteristic of a healthy skin microbiome is diversity.

In this latest article published in Beauty Packaging we take a close look at the human microbiome, how preservatives affect its balance, our overall health and well-being and most importantly – how URSATEC’s products help avoid such negative effects completely.

Have a read through on the beauty packaging website – just click on the link below.

Preservatives: The Invisible Danger For The Skin Microbiome | Beauty Packaging